Thursday, October 16, 2008


I have this annoying habit of judging those around me. The guy who cuts me off on his bike when I am running is an inconsiderate jerk. The woman who is talking loudly on her cell phone in the elevator is selfish. That old guy, that young girl, that mother, that professor, that attendant, that .... you know what I mean.

And when I judge, when I get angry, I not only assume incorrectly a person's motives, I get caught up with their behavior. I let their actions dictate how I feel during that day.

How quickly I lose myself to others! How little control over my mind I have! It seems that if I were to take a broader view of the world--the view I most often like to take--I would see the great suffering and have compassion and empathy for those who are just passing along that suffering. Instead I get angry and judgmental and pass along that suffering to the next poor soul.

I recommit to turning my judgment into empathy. Not that this is never a time and place for setting boundaries and holding others accountable. But rather in my day to day relationship with those around me.

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